Couple Therapy & Mediation

What it is
Couple therapy is for people with relationship difficulties who either want to resolve these and continue living together or are going through divorce and wish to decide how they will manage their separation and any future contact, especially where there are children, and for those who are undecided. It also works well for people in conflict in work such as business partners.

It combines the approach that underlies existential counselling with a collaborative model for mediation. I provide a reflective and supportive space where you can take stock and think about the best way forward through a time of uncertainty and change.

The amazing thing has been breaking down the amorphous mass of yuk into component parts I could think about … rather than continuing to dwell on ‘I’m being done over and losing my family'”

How it works
After an initial joint session where your concerns and hopes are discussed, the work proceeds via two individual counselling sessions followed by a joint session. This basic plan continues through several iterations until you are ready to finish.

Clients usually find the individual sessions, which are confidential, invaluable in enabling them to explore more honestly and deeply than feels possible in the presence of their partner and to think things through more carefully in preparation for the next joint meeting.

The joint sessions are for you both to consider what’s come up in the individual sessions, to express what you are ready to say and to explore and understand more about your situation. Even if finally the relationship is ending, it is better to end well if possible.

My role is to provide a safer and more constructive environment for discussion than is often possible without a third party, to observe you as a couple and reflect this back to you, and of course to remain impartial.